Youth Center Livno (YCL) is a non-governmental, non-party and non-profit organization established in 2000. Through its actions YCL gives opportunities to young people to actively participate in the development of social life of the community.

Protection and preservation of the environment; Culture and sport; Informal education; Promotion of voluntarism

The World without: Wars; Terrorism; Poverty; Famine and disease; Ignorance; Boundaries; Racial, national and religious animosity; Terror over nature

Organizational goals are: representation of young people and their interests in the development of civil society, protection of environment, promotion of human rights, multiculturalism, tolerance, sustainable development and voluntarism.

Provide information to young people regarding the organizational goals:
Organize workshops, trainings, seminars and tribunes for values we promote,
Organize work and study, local and international caps in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Issue brochures and other printed materials
Inform about volunteer projects and activities in Bosnia and abroad
Promote organizational goals and activities through media, public gatherings
Coordinate volunteer exchange on the local and international level
Cooperate with other local and international organizations that promote the same values.

Executive board members:
Ineska Kaic- president
Andrija Vrdoljak - vice president
Mato Gotovac
Zoran Seremet
Ismar Milak

Centar mladih Livno
Fra. Andela Kaica 9b, 34 000 Livno, Bosna i Hercegovina
Tel./Fax:++ 387 34 20 40 46

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