CVS-Bulgaria is a non-governmental organization that offers a public service in the area of international voluntary work. Its aims are to promote interaction and contact between young people from all over the world and to give young people the opportunity to participate in voluntary projects of different areas;



CVS - Bulgaria is an organization with over a decade of experience in the field of youth. Ever since its foundation, our work is directed at young people and spread the idea of volunteerism and cultural diversity among them. This includes organizing volunteer camps, youth exchanges, long-term volunteering, training and seminars, arrange local voluntary opportunities.  CVS - Bulgaria works for the past 14 years on inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities. Since then we have been part of  numerous unforgettable experiences, having a big role in the lifes of youngsters.
CVS – Bulgaria works with great passion also in the field of refugee crisis and the integration of refugees in our society.
Last but not least, to achieve all that, CVS-Bulgaria is proud of its team, consisted of four experienced youth trainers and not less experienced youth workers, devoting their free time to our cause!
What we can offer is a rich variety of voluntary opportunities abroad and in the country and all the support and guidance one needs to find and bring sense to their deeds!

For the last 5 years one of our most successful projects has been “The refugee project”, which gathers 60 volunteers in three Refugee Centres in Sofia, working on integration of refugees into Bulgarian society. Activities are done on a daily basis in the field of education (Bulgarian and English language), sports, arts and others. On this project CVS – Bulgaria works in close cooperation with Caritas Bulgaria and under the patronage of State Agency for Refugees.