LDA Sisak is non-governmental, non-for-profit organisation established in 1996 as a pilot project of Congress of Local, and Regional Authorities of Council of Europe with aim to support local democratic processes, promote human rights, active citizenship and international cooperation.

Since 2006, we are working as a domestic organisation. In our work, we are using specific methodology of multilateral decentralised cooperation in partnership with local and regional self-governments and other non-governmental organisations in and out of Croatia.
Our work is done through following strategic programs:
1. LOCAL DEMOCRACY - strengthening local democracy through citizens' participation in decision -making process and development of pluralistic and intercultural society as a starting point for development of community tailored to its citizens' needs.
2. ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP - activities related to inter-ethnic and inter-religious cooperation; support to civic initiatives and economic development; promotion of sustainable development and ecological awareness and organization of ecological protection activities.
3. VOLUNTEER PROGRAM - promotion, motivation and organizing of voluntary programs in community, especially targeted to young people, aiming to contribute to development of philanthropy and enable active civil society in a community.
4. FOR COMMUNITY WITHOUT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - promotion and protection of gender equality, protection of the rights of women, children, youngsters and other marginalized groups.
5. ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT - securing organizational stability and development.

LDA Sisak website:
Volunteer’ Centre Sisak website: http://vcs.lda-sisak.hr/  

During 20 years of work (both as international and national organization), we implemented over 150 projects that directly included over 17.000 people.
In 2011 we opened Volunteer' Centre Sisak by which we are working on promoting active citizenship, structural voluntarism, social cohesion and employability, with particular focus on vulnerable groups and groups in risk from social exclusion. LDA Sisak initiated and facilitated process of local voluntary policies development in 3 Croatian towns and opening of volunteer centers in 4 Croatian towns. We are proud to be the one of rare towns in Croatia with institutional body that works on development of volunteering, such as the Town Sisak Committee for Development of Volunteering. LDA Sisak is a permanent coordinator of the Committee.

Decentralised, multisector and multilateral cooperation is a core methodology of our work. LDA Sisak is cooperation with all local/national/international stakeholders in our fields of work. We have formal partner’ network composed of local authorities and civil society organisations from Croatia, Italy and United Kingdom.
Memberships: statutory member and Operational partner of Association of the Local Democracy Agencies (www.alda-europe.eu), Croatian Network of Volunteer’ Centres (www.volontiram.info), South East European Youth Network (www.seeyn.org), Sisak-Moslavina County Local Partnership for Employment (www.lpz-smz.eu) and open national platform “Equality forum” (https://www.facebook.com/Forum-za-jednakost-Equality-forum-1002537769782174/?fref=ts).
LDA Sisak was national Coordinator of European Year of Citizens Croatian Alliance 2013.


Contact us if:
•    You need reliable partner very well incorporated in local community with advanced international experience
•    You need experts on local democracy, citizens participation, peace-building, non-formal education, youth, gender equality, volunteer management, good governance and civil society development
•    You think our activities are valuable for sponsorship
•    You want to get us know better and visit us in Sisak 