Resource Centre Leskovac (RCLE) was founded as a part of Resource Centres Network in March 2002 with a mission to act as a focal point and interlocutor of local initiatives in different programmes (public advocacy, development, education).

RCLE is currently working in several fields, all related to local community development and its empowerment. According to its goals, Resource Centre Leskovac has areas of work developed as programmes:

• Local community development programme created to empower community and its members through education, improved flow of information, campaigns etc. The goal is to raise awareness on different issues and help community to bridge over and understand the transition process and prepare it for integration into EU.

• Youth affirmation programme, which was created to help youth from local community to express their creativity and exhibit, works but also to provide them with relevant education. One of the goals of the programme is to actively involve participants in programmes creation and avoid their passive presence.

• Practicing tolerance programme created to promote good neighbouring relations between different ethnic groups in local community and raise awareness on non-discrimination issues.

Resource Centre Leskovac is a supporter of United against racism Network and full member of Youth for Exchange and Understanding (YEU International)and also one of the founders of Serbian Youth Umbrella Organization (KOMS).

RC Leskovac acts as an interlocutor of local community development, which raises civil awareness by initiating and realising local, regional and international initiatives, development and sustainable programmes which are directed to promotion and strengthening of civil society, rule of law, human rights and freedom, as the basic preconditions for integration into the modern and democratic EU society.

As part of cross-border cooperation, Resource Centre Leskovac project "Youth Health Promotion" realized with Bulgarian partner has been announced as 1 of 10 examples of good practice in the region.

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