Youth Center BIT, Slovenia - Fly to the Sky

Youth center BIT is located in the town of Črnomelj in the southeast of Slovenia, in the region of Bela krajina. The municipality of Črnomelj has around 7000 inhabitants.

What connects us? EMPATHEAST 2016 in Vratsa, Bulgaria gathered answers

EMPATHEAST - the forum for empathy-driven social change - is the powerful answer of Ideas Factory Association from Bulgaria to the question how empathy, creativity and local and international social innovations can form a joint and an adequate answer to local socio-cultural challenges.

LDA Sisak promotes enterpreneurship at school

High interest of young people in the active involvement in the local community development through creating, realising and implementing their own ideas confirmed at the workshop on entrepreneurship held in Sisak Technical School on the 24 January 2017.

Throwback at International volunteer day!

December 5th, an international volunteer day, is the opportunity for volunteer organizations and individual volunteers to make their contributions visible – at local, national and international levels.

IdeasFactory - EPATHEAST 2016

Are you ready for new edition of EMPATHEAST 2016? IdeasFactory is doing unbelievably great job. Right approach to influence changes in communities.


Today we are promoting blog of Ivana Banković who attend #Rio2016 #OlympicGames as VOLUNTEER. She is very nice and smart lady who works for #Young Researchers of Serbia, one of the member organization and founder of #SEEYN!