IdeasFactory - EPATHEAST 2016

Are you ready for new edition of EMPATHEAST 2016? IdeasFactory is doing unbelievably great job. Right approach to influence changes in communities.

In time of crisis arises a special need of rethinking and reorganizing our environment in order to meet the social needs and deficits which are visible under the weakened system of governance. These social deficits can be filled and that is why the Ideas Factory started working on EMPATHEAST: Forum for Empathy-driven Social Innovation in Eastern Europe. The main objective of EMPATHEAST is to firmly put Bulgaria and the Balkans on the world map of social innovation and social entrepreneurship. As a region which deals with a dysfunctional political, economic and social system on a daily basis, the Balkans are a unique ground where social innovation can solve old challenges in a new way.

For three days from November 11th until November 13th EMPATHEAST will gather together leading lecturers and practitioners in the field of social change in order to create a space in which we will learn from each other, experiment with creating new models and celebrate the availability of approaches such as Design Thinking in a non-conference format. During the forum, Vratsa will become the setting in which we explore what connects us under this year's theme of THIS>CONNECT. EMPATHEAST will challenge your creativity for social change through lectures, installations, games, concerts and performances, stimulating collective intelligence and systems thinking. It will demonstrate the meaning of “public visioning” (creating a shared vision) and will reflect on intuitive and empathic leadership, self-organizing civil systems, ethical finance,  and human centered design.

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EMPATHEAST will be much more than an event. It’s a Place. Process. Game.