Throwback at International volunteer day!

December 5th, an international volunteer day, is the opportunity for volunteer organizations and individual volunteers to make their contributions visible – at local, national and international levels.

It is marked by many non-governmental organizations, among which members of SEEYN. Let's look back at what some of them have organised for this important day!

ADP ZID, Montenegro

Since year 2006. on december 5th Association for Democratic Prosperity ZID annualy rewards best volunteers. This year rewards were given in collaboration with Foundation ,,Petrović Njegoš" to Miodrag Banović and Aleksandra Krivokapić for their contribution through volunteer work, each in different fields.
Miodrag form Bar is a 60 years old man who only during 2016. did much for his community, planting olives, working to help elders, inclusion of people with disabilities and socializing disabled children.
Aleksandra is a vet who uses her competence not to earn money, but to help abandoned and sick animals. In year 2016. she did 34 sterilizations, 84 immunizations, did countless examinations and threatments- all for free.
Sanda Rakočević from ZID said that in order for something to be defined as volunteering, it has to fullfill four conditions: to be  done voluntarily, for free (no taking or giving any money), to invest personal resources, and to be organized for wider social good.
Not long after that, on december 16th, ZID celebrated their 20th anniversary.
Congradulations to our dear member, and we wish you many more succsessful years of work!

 LDA Sisak, Croatia

Local Democracy Agency Sisak in colaboration with city's municipality organised photo exhibition of all volunteering programms, named ,,Rastimo zajedno" (,,Let's grow together"). Aside from exhibition rewards, thanksgiving and commendation have been given to coordinators of volunteers and volunteers. Awards were given by mayor of Sisak, Mrs. Kristina Ikić Baniček, and CEO od LDA Sisak, Miss Paula Raužan. Numerous names of all awarded volunteers you can find at the website of the organisation. 

From LDA Sisak it's been recognized that young people are those who contribute to the development of volunteering, but also that volunteering is not only useful for creating healthy communities and society of society, but olso for individual growth of a volunteer himself. 

We congradulate LDA Sisak for such creative celebration and the great encouragment they have for their citizens.

  Young researchers of Serbia

YRS celebrated the International Volunteer day with Ministry of Youth and Sports, having two hours programm in National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. Choosing the highest legislative body of the state, they were trying to prove how appriciated volunteers are, but also to show that they are ready to work on the improvment of their position, recognition of volunteer work and of the importance of volunteering. At the plenary part of the celebration, speeches gave: Minister of Youth and Sports, Vanja Udovičić, Minister of Work, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, mister Aleksandar Vulin. In fron of Young reaserchers of Serbia, Jelena Ristić Beronja spoke about conclusions from previously held conference ,,Otvoreno o volontiranju" (,,Openly on volunteering"). Deputy of Minister of Youth and Sport, Snežana Klašnja presented results of program ,,Mladi su zakon". Present guests could hear from Michael Davenport, cheaf of EU delegation in Serbia, representative of UN and Office for Cooperation with Civil Society. After the official part there was coctail lunch for all guests.
As we can see, Serbia took this day as very important and serious. No wonder Young reasearchers of Serbia work successfully for 40 years allready. They celebrated even this anniversary on december 19th. We congradulate them and are proud to have them as a member !