Inspired by EU success!

#SEEYN Secretariat in the frame of the YOUSEE! programme, proudly present publication on EU inspiring practice in social innovations affecting unemployment of marginalized groups.

The statistics of the youth unemployment in Europe is devastating if we take into account that 7.5 million young people in Europe are neither employed nor in education or training system and that about 5 million of youth between 15 and 24 years age are unemployed. With these figures there should be compared high employment insecurity among today generation of young people and these things make the whole picture of their status undignified.

The unemployment of young people has reached worrying dimensions and it is necessary to take urgent and concrete measures to reduce the harmful consequences of this condition. The institutions that are aware of the long termed consequences of such statistics take concrete measures and invest in young people. All society actors and the young people themselves should take a part of responsibility and to act together in the sense of unemployment reduction. The complexity of the issue warns that it is necessary to create a platform for different social actors who will equally and with full recourses fight with coming challenges.

YOU SEE! - Platform sees the exit from the current situation and alarming conditions in the social innovations. We believe that the solution to a problem is only possible to find in the society trough constant cooperation and communication of all actors and social innovations are those that enable that kind of approach.

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Just to reminding you that YOUSEE! Platform for social innovations is 4 years project funded by EU. This is advocacy project for recognizing social innovations as a powerful tool in fighting against unemployment of marginalized groups.