Online peace for ofline action

#SEEYN participated at #BuildPeace conference 2016. This is unique opportunity and place where the peace activists, technology experts, geeks, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors meet in order to work together on peace building and reconciliation from different perspective.

Thanks to #PeaceNexus we had opportunity to be present there to make valuable partnerships, learn and increase knowledge about: Peace Building startups, co-design in peace and reconciliation, political, cultural, ethical transformation,Social and Behavioral Change Strategies in PeaceTech Interventions etc.

Theme of conference 2016 was...

How can we use technology, arts and research for peace, towards transformation?

01 Political aspect.
A central question for many peacebuilders is the extent to which their work can enter politics or must remain impartial. Technology and arts affect political spaces, making this question all the more prescient for Build Peace.

02 Socio-cultural.
Creating a critical mass for peace requires shifts across a society. The behaviors & cultural manifestations of individuals & groups must transform to support a new network of relationships on which peace can be built.

03 Ethics aspect.
Whether we engage in political or socio-cultural transformation to build peace, there are a set of values that guide how we go about our work. What are the ethics of transformation through technology, arts and research?

Build Peace 2016 is hosted by ICT4Peace Foundation and ETH Zürich, and made possible thanks to generous contributions of PeaceNexus and Alliance for Peacebuilding. The conference is organized by Build Up.

From the region there were also present #BIRN and SEEYN member organization - #YouthCommunicationCenter and we all had great time together :).