SEEYN's cooperation with European journalists

In the age of Media every change that needs to be made in society is most effectively achieved with cooperation and through Media. Having that in mind, SEEYN seized the opportunity to discuss with renowned Europen journalists our project ,,Divided Past, Joint Future".

What brought 15 journalists from 13 countries, all members of the EU to Sarajevo 16 - 18 November is press trip, oranized by European Commission’s DG NEAR. 

The goal was for journalists to get a better understanding of the EU enlargement process and get insight into projects funded by the EU.

They have been glad to see that a lot has been done through our presented project and our 16 years work. For you who do not know, in short, this project is about strengthening regional cooperation and capacities in order to prevent radicalization and facilitation of inter-ethnic dialog in the region of WB and Turkey through fostering societal reconstruction.

Honoured to participate along with the relevant European and Bosnian medias, organisations and institutions, SEEYN had a significant contribution to the subject of peace and reconciliation.

European journalists were surprised to hear about the lack of formal education on war that happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 90's. Such a gap in the educational system makes youth in BiH and in the region easy target to all kinds of manipulation. This is the point where the influence and impact of the quality cross-sector cooperation among CSO's and Medias can do miracles and lead to positive changes. We were supposed to have the same goal- creating generations ready to form a society based on European values.

Conntacts have been exchanged and journalists showed great interest in long-term cooperation with SEEYN, so we will keep informing them about further development of the project, but also about our future projects and achievments.