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The Leadership Handbook was developed to support, inspire, motivate, draw attention to and raise quality of youth work. This Handbook is part of the support system for youth workers, youth leaders, youth educators, youth organizations and institutions who care about the quality of their work with and for young people.

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Strategic Planning Expert needed - Improvement strats with "I"

Improvement strats with "I" and because of that from time to time, we re-think and re-consider our strategy in order to maximize our effect on SEE society and to effectively respond on current challenges on the most appropriate way. This is also important to us because we want to work all the time on increasing of networking experience in SEE(YN) as well as to improve our services, external visibility actions and level of policy influence on international level.


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“Divided Past – Joint Future” is the project implemented by South east European Youth Network, Youth Communication Centre (YCC) located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and other 16 partners (7 IPA beneficiary countries plus Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Netherland). Project consortium involves CSOs, research institutes, foundations, resources center and Erasmus NAs, 25 associated business partners. Duration of the project is 48 months (starting date 1st January 2016)