Divided Past Joint Future

CSOs recognized by governments as an important societal factor with strong capacity to implement peace-building and reconciliation Agenda in the WB and Turkey and contributes to security and stability of the region in the process of EU integration.

YOUSEE! Platform for Social Innovations in Youth Employment

A strong and inclusive civil society of Western Balkan and Turkey, capable to apply EU standards of participatory democracy and to cooperate with Government on equal partnership basis in tailoring the public policies.

Practical Guide Through Youth Work

Main aim of this project is to develop the set of skills and increase knowledge of youth worker and youth leaders in specific important topics for young people, equip them with competences and relevant experience for active work with young people.

Active Role of Youth in Peace Building

With this project we wanted to equip group of young people with competencies to develop local and/or international projects that promote peace, inter-cultural and inter-religious dialog and are against violence, discrimination and hate speech.

Youth Workers United (Bitola)

To improve the legal framework on youth work and implement effective policies regarding youth work;To strengthen the capacity of youth CSO’s for sustainable development and facilitate the networking process of youth workers;

SEEYN Organizational Development Support

At General Assembly in 2015 rise question on new strategic planning process of SEEYN. This need is influenced by recent Networks enlargement process, change in management structure and way how member organizations cooperate among themselves.


Purpose of this project is enhancing the competences of the groups of learners in addressing issues of global development outside of the formal education system.