Trainers in the making ! :)

Saša Jovljević is youth worker,extremely proactive person working at Munja Inkubator, one of our member organisations.
She participated in training Course "Patchworks of Education", training of trainers, one of activities of our  long-term project "Practicical Guide Through YOUth Work", representing Bosnia and Herzegovina together with Edita Milišić.

We were curious to hear all about it from Saša when she came back from Sremski Karlovci where training was held, and recovered from common post-traning depression :) We all know how harsh can “reality check“ be after being isolated in such a fun and fruitful surrounding such as SEEYN training ! 

Being engaged in youth work you participated in many different seminars, conferences and trainings, how did you decide that this one is worth attending?

- I've been waiting for this opportunity quite long actually. I've been engaded in youth work since high school and have collected many expiriences and practice in this field, but training for trainers is something I felt I will benefit the most out of. But, not only that there are no many calls for them, but they are rarely open and affordable. Hereof, when I've heard for this training, in february, I was determined to go and make the most out of it!

How did you make sure you'll make the most out of it?

- SEEYN did ! Marinela was mentoring us in our preparations. We were doing lots of introspection trying to figure out what are the aspects of our personalities and work we want to improve the most. My priority was improving the way I deal with feedback I get during work. So once I established that, I could focus on it during the training. Marinela was guiding us in a very friendly way, making us dig deep but not feeling pressured.

You went very prepared and with high expectations. Looking back, are you satisfied with what you've accomplished?

- Definitely ! It was more than I expected !

So, what exactly was so new and different about this training?

- There were few key points in which this training was different and better that anything I've expirienced before.
The preparation phase ! Than, during the training :
The experiental learning cycle. This is the first time I've met with that concept of learning from experience. We would first be faced with a task, and than as a group analyze what was going on in and between us during the process.

There was individual and group component, if I understood well?

- Yes, we were all going through different personal processes, which was proven by evaluation we did at the end. It was unique expirience for everyone, and yet, we've been through it as a team, affecting each other and sharing, with our different backgrounds and perspectives. Even just by watching our trainers we could learn about what being a true trainer means. It's amazing how three different personalities can function well together and get things done professionally.

With all the work you've been doing on yourself, did you find time to socialize?

- Hardly any SEEYN event can go without meeting amazing people and making long-lasting friendships! I am expecting my roomate from Serbia to come and visit me in Sarajevo. Looking forward to it ! :) 

Sounds overwhelming ! Anyhow, quality is best measured by results. Did you gain any practical skill project was aiming for?

- That is another part where it differes from other events. We have a follow up to do. Edita and me are currently planning training which will be supervised by Marinela, where we'll be able to apply everything we've learned. Training will be for students and it will consists of two days:
developing oral skills, practical for any future job interview;
written formal communication

We are eager to see how it will all turn out! We'll make sure to cevr it and update everyone!
Thank you for a pleasant conversation and all the best with your project! We are proud to have young people like you who knows how to use opportunity SEEYN is offering.

- Thank you and I hope my impressions will be inspiring for young people to seize each opportunity for personal and professional growth and SEEYN is definitly offering a lot!

 Author: Tamara Karabasil