Vlada from Belgrade

I got involved with SEEYN in 2006, first as a user through the project “Balkan footnote” and then as a representative of a member organization (Young Researchers of Serbia). Special thing with SEEYN is that after 16 years of existence, it still functions according to the principles of volunteerism and activism and as such is what every youth network should be. SEEYN helped me find my love in Zagreb, got me friends, brought me into the world of civil society organizations and made a huge influence on my personality.

Emira from Sarajevo

I was engaged in SEEYN from 2002 to 2009. During that period SEEYN has changed the form of being the program of the Danish organization MS to becoming independent organization. I was the first directress of SEEYN and that makes me particularly proud of my professional life. Within SEEYN I matured professionally, we all grew with the organization.

Sanja from Banja Luka

SEEYN is not just a network, it is a family. Officially, I was a part of it for two years as a Steering Board member (2009-2011). Everyone dealing with volunteerism when speaking of benefits will say “meeting new people”. It sounds like a cliché…  But when you start to live that life then you see how it really is.

Ivona from Bitola

I was first introduced with the SEEYN during my engagement in Youth Cultural Center – Bitola. In 2010 I was elected as one of the members of the Steering Board of SEEYN and in my second mandate I became a President of the Board. Even though it was valued experience, my best period within SEEYN was during my engagement in the Secretariat as a Policy Officer. Today, I'm working as Secretary General in Macedonian Youth Council. My experience from SEEYN network was valuable when I apply for rhis job and finally i get it :).

Greetings from Macedonia

Dragan from Krusevac

Educational Center from Krusevac (ECK) join SEEYN at General Assembly held in Tapusko, Croatia in 2005. As an active ECK member I become also Steering Board Member at 2009. In the period from 2005 – 2010 we implemented many projects with various SEEYN member organizations from all over the region. SEEYN brought me opportunity of 10 years working with young people that influence me to still have young and fresh approach to life (physically and mentally). That period gives me a lot, like wonderful friends from all over the ex-you region with whom I’m still in contact.

Morten from Denmark (2)

Between 2000-2005, I spent most of my time designing and implementing volunteer projects in South East Europe, mostly with SEEYN member organisations. Looking back, I learned much of what I know today about project management, communication across cultures, and practical peacebuilding in those years. And I learned important lessons about myself, the politics, history, sociology of the SEE region, and not least about how to turn dreams into plans.