Emira from Sarajevo

I was engaged in SEEYN from 2002 to 2009. During that period SEEYN has changed the form of being the program of the Danish organization MS to becoming independent organization. I was the first directress of SEEYN and that makes me particularly proud of my professional life. Within SEEYN I matured professionally, we all grew with the organization.

The main lesson that I learned in SEEYN was that we have to rely on other people and trust them. Otherwise it was not possible to function together with 50 people very different from each other. SEEYN is a great family that nurtures you, but at the same time you have to fight constantly to be part of it by proving your ethics, commitment, friendship, flexibility and knowledge. SEEYN gave me countless number of challenges and enormous love to cope with those challenges. SEEYN is a survivor. SEEYN has created lifelong friendships among us. 

I never left SEEYN, I only resigned from my position, but SEEYN is still important part of my life.

At the moment I work as programme coordinator for International Center Olof Palme and trying to be a good mom to my 5 years old son.