Dragan from Krusevac

Educational Center from Krusevac (ECK) join SEEYN at General Assembly held in Tapusko, Croatia in 2005. As an active ECK member I become also Steering Board Member at 2009. In the period from 2005 – 2010 we implemented many projects with various SEEYN member organizations from all over the region. SEEYN brought me opportunity of 10 years working with young people that influence me to still have young and fresh approach to life (physically and mentally). That period gives me a lot, like wonderful friends from all over the ex-you region with whom I’m still in contact.

I currently work in as a professor of computer science and entrepreneurship in high school in Krusevac and unfortunately I’m less active in the NGO sector, but recently with the new environmental group Eco-Forum we are going to work on some local initiatives.