Elena from Bitola

In 2008 I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a project of SEEYN in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with another 40 young people from all over the Europe and region.

Vlada from Belgrade

I got involved with SEEYN in 2006, first as a user through the project “Balkan footnote” and then as a representative of a member organization (Young Researchers of Serbia).

Chavdar from Burgas

Hello world. I am Chavdar Chenkov, and I was part of an intriguing training course called “Creating Opportunities”.

Klemen from Youth Center BiT, Crnomelj

Youth Center BIT starts is international odyssey in youth field thanks to membership in SEEYN. SEEYN itself is not something that keep us close to the Network, while extraordinary people we meet through SEEYN projects and network's activities are something valuable and important to us.

Ivan from Belgrade

There are points in time that, later on in life, one remembers as being turning points, big ripples in the stream of their development. Maybe they learned a valuable lesson, started seeing the world from a different perspective or simply met someone that changed them for better… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Dragana from Banja Luka

I was a participant in Regional Conference ”Towards Reduction of Youth Marginalization Risks Fostering Social Innovations in Employment Policies” in December 2015. This conference, in foggy Sarajevo, was important to me for two reasons – first, this was the first event organized by SEEYN that I participated in and second this was my first appearance as a representative of Centar za afirmaciju i razvoj from Banja Luka.