Sanja from Banja Luka

SEEYN is not just a network, it is a family. Officially, I was a part of it for two years as a Steering Board member (2009-2011).  Everyone dealing with volunteerism when speaking of benefits will say “meeting new people”. It sounds like a cliché…  But when you start to live that life then you see how it really is. Imagine that wherever you go you have a family member.

For a while it may seem that you are not that close because year goes by without talking to each other. But then when you see 3, 5 of 50 people from SEEYN in one place it’s like we never been apart.

Imagine world as it is in the song Imagine by John Lennon. Now imagine people working on it every day. It is not just a job, it is not a hobby, not only chasing for funds and writing projects it is a way of life. It’s partying all night, after working who knows how many hours a day. Energy that unites us and keeps us all going, chasing that common goal of making world a better place. For us and for those new SB members, presidents, fundraisers but above all volunteers.

SEEYN is not something easy to explain but it is easy to live and love.

Sanja is working today as a news presenter and music editor in "BiG radio" in Banja Luka.