Suhida from Tirana

I am Suhida Dermani, from Albania, actually finishing my master degree in PsycHology of Career Counseling and working in different projects as a youth worker with BEYOND BARRIERS ASSOCIATION. In November 2015, I participated in my firsts training course organized by SEEYN, “Advanced Volunteer Management “, in Crnomelj, Slovenia. As a young youth worker, the topic of the training was what I exactly needed in that period of time, but when everything started, I found myself learning much more of what I expected.

I learned in very effective ways, how to recruit and train the volunteers, how to work and motivate them, how to cooperate with the everyday problems that the volunteers can have, how to supervise and in some cases how to refer them to other organizations. This experience meant a lot to me, because I got all he information and skills needed to contiunue my work with the volunteers, I learned a lot from the experiences of the other great participants and of course from the excellent trainers!

I am glad that I participated in this training, because I had the opportunity to know the staff of SEEYN, which are very quailified and special people. I started my communication with the Secretariat of SEEYN, when I was too scared to travel alone to Crnomelj, but it continued during the year, everytime I needed any information about different projects and ideas, and now we are great colleges 
I started my experience in a totally unknown city, called Crnomelj, which now turned out to be my little paradise in the Balkans, where I met special people and I started my first steps of my dream job.