Dragana from Banja Luka

I was a participant in Regional Conference ”Towards Reduction of Youth Marginalization Risks Fostering Social Innovations in Employment Policies” in December 2015. This conference, in foggy Sarajevo, was important to me for two reasons – first, this was the first event organized by SEEYN that I participated in and second this was my first appearance as a representative of Centar za afirmaciju i razvoj from Banja Luka.

Among the first ones to arrive, I stay there excited to meet all the other participants. I wanted to find out more about the work of other organisations, to get some new ideas and to see some old friends as well. When I think about it now, I believe the largest benefit of it was making new connections coming from different countries. We exchanged ideas and experiences and we still keep in touch. Besides that, I would say the workshops were very useful and stimulating. Listening about other people's successful stories and discussing different ideas helped me find my own hidden somewhere in the back of my mind.
It was a real pleasure to be a part of this event which helped me grow personally and professionally. Thanks to SEEYN for giving me the opportunity to be the part of all this and for giving me the chance to meet all the great, inspiring, new people. Hope to be with you again in the events to come.