Chavdar from Burgas

Hello world. I am Chavdar Chenkov, and I was part of an intriguing training course called “Creating Opportunities”.

It took place in the end of 2015 in Istanbul, and it was organized by SEEYN and Tog.The focus was on social entrepreneurship and all the lectors were just magnificent. They were both engaging and provoking, and helpful at the same time. However, for you, reading here, these are just empty words. So let me break it down for you:
...was it helpful – yes!
...would I recommend it – definitely;
...did I have fun – tons of it;
...did I made new friends – of course;
...have I learned a lot – damn sure I did;
...did I forget some – of course… you need work and practice;

But this is not my main reason for writing this. My point is – this course was a game changer for me, basically I went there with three things I was passionate and very confused about. But thanks to all the processes happening there, I was able to get very clear answers about how to proceed with each one of them. Now, a year later, I can say that what happened then and there had a huge impact on my current position in life and work. And for that they will always have my love and sincere gratitude.