Dragan from Krusevac

Educational Center Krusevac (ECK) become SEEYN member at General Assembly held in Tapusko, Croatia in 2005. As an active ECK member I become was elected for Steering Board Member at 2009 for the next 4 years period. In the period from 2005 – 2010 we implemented many projects with various SEEYN member organizations from all over the region. SEEYN brought me opportunity of 10 valuable years in working with young people that influence me to still have young and fresh approach to life (physically and mentally). That period gives me a lot, like wonderful friends from all over the ex-you region with whom I’m still in contact.

Vanja from Banja Luka

If I have to give one association on SEEYN that would be PEOPLE.

Morten from Denmark

Between 2000-2005, I spent most of my time designing and implementing volunteer projects in South East Europe, mostly with SEEYN member organisations. Looking back, I learned much of what I know today about project management, communication across cultures, and practical peacebuilding in those years. And I learned important lessons about myself, the politics, history, sociology of the SEE region, and not least about how to turn dreams into plans. These competencies were sought-after in my first job with MS ActionAid Denmark in 2005-2007 (a large development NGO), and, after my university graduation as a Sociologist in 2011, in my current career at the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning in Paris.