Emira from Sarajevo

I was engaged in SEEYN from 2002 to 2009. During that period SEEYN has changed the form of being the program of the Danish organization MS to becoming independent organization. I was the first directress of SEEYN and that makes me particularly proud of my professional life. Within SEEYN I matured professionally, we all grew with the organization. The main lesson that I learned in SEEYN was that we have to rely on other people and trust them.

Suhida from Tirana

I am Suhida Dermani, from Albania, actually finishing my master degree in PsycHology of Career Counseling and working in different projects as a youth worker with BEYOND BARRIERS ASSOCIATION. In November 2015, I participated in my firsts training course organized by SEEYN, “Advanced Volunteer Management “, in Crnomelj, Slovenia. As a young youth worker, the topic of the training was what I exactly needed in that period of time, but when everything started, I found myself learning much more of what I expected.

Sanja from Banja Luka

SEEYN is not just a network, it is a family. Officially, I was a part of it for two years as a Steering Board member (2009-2011).  Everyone dealing with volunteerism when speaking of benefits will say “meeting new people”. It sounds like a cliché…  But when you start to live that life then you see how it really is. Imagine that wherever you go you have a family member.

Olja from Zagreb

Six years after my first SEEYN Training, I still remember debates on youth employment, different approaches and ideas we had. Great trainers helped us to create proactive environment for our experiences, expertise and cooperation so we could develop solutions, tips, guidelines. Later on, we tested the ideas, updated colleagues, followed their actions and continue to exchange practices in order to give as greater contribution to minimizing youth employment as possible. We couldn’t achieve that without SEEYN.

Ivona from Bitola :)

I was first introduced with the SEEYN during my engagement in Youth Cultural Center – Bitola. In 2010 I was elected as one of the members of the Steering Board of SEEYN and in my second mandate I became a President of the Board. Even though it was valued experience, my best period within SEEYN was during my engagement in the Secretariat as a Policy Officer.

I'm working as Secretary General in Macedonian Youth Council. My experience from SEEYN network was valuable when I apply for this job and finally i get it thanks to my previous experience in networking :).

Greetings from Macedonia

Aleksa from Novi Sad

It was in September 2013 when I applied and received an e-mail confirming my opportunity to participate in a TC ’We BET on our NET’ organized by YPG Danube and SEEYN in Vukovar, Croatia. At the time I was 19, going for my very first international TC in non-formal education and my excitement hardly could have been greater. As a fresh young member of BINS, I was eager to discover new things, alternative methods and enthusiastic people willing to cooperate and further develop the network.