SEEYN supporting RYCO in taking preparation steps

Road to RYCO  is a process of implementing the Agreement signed in Paris, with the aim to make RYCO ( Regional Youth Cooperation Office ) operational in the first months of 2017.
Part of this road was Boost up Conference in Tirana, Albania. What was going on there, and why is it relevant to us?

The Boost up Conference took place immediately after the constitutional meeting of the Governing Board of RYCO, from 8th to 10th of december. The aim of the conference was " to explore a wide range of support which can be provided for RYCO on different levels - political, networking, financial, know-how,… - and to involve as much as possible actors which can support RY-CO from the beginning." 

We are proud to be recognized as one of 50 key players from all around the Europe: from state actors, international organizations, foundations, business community and civil society organizations that could contribute to the process. SEEYN give its support and contribution by sharing our long practice in the field of regional cooperation with coordination team and other colleague.

,,It is crucial to support cooperation among youth in Western Balkan region, especially now, when various crisis shaking the world, and the rise of xenophobia and radicalism among young people are more visible." said by Mirela Rajković, SEEYN about improtance of this initiative for our youth.

Six states are finally taking specific initiative in building permanent cooperation among youth in region, but also create specific structure which will be able to support financially youth projects! SEEYN is with RYCO through these first steps, and we will gladly keep you updated on the future development of the Office.