"Don't disturb my circles"

Written by Ivana Bankovic,
Young Researchers of Serbia
Belgrade, August 2017

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Biti deo najvećeg sportskog događaja na svetu.

Za nekoga ko je odrastao u konstantnoj nesigurnosti prouzrokovanoj nemogućnošću da se istakne u sportu, u sredini u kojoj se to pak, najviše ceni i ističe, ova mogućnost deluje kao neki san koji teži da zauvek ostane neostvaren.


Written by Suhida Dermani
Albania, September 2016.

Every time I think about the Balkan countries, I recall in my mind my old neighbors, with whome I used to live for so many years. We shared almost the same geographic space, we listened to the same traditional music, we shared sometimes dhe same problems with the other neighbors. With one of them I never had any conversation in 20 years and I never knew why.

Decision making – youth active participation

Written by Ksenija Martinovic
Montenegro, September 2016

Everyone wants to be asked when the big decisions should be made. Even if it’s a small one decision, such as „should I wear this or that“ sometimes it requires consultation and involvement of our surrounding.Then why around the half percent of the population, people who are under 30, are often excluded from decision making process?