#SEEYN at StartUp Europe Weekend in Mostar

#SEEYN participated on Startup Europe Week event in Mostar, organized by our friends from #SPARK.BA . It was great opportunity to promote #YOUSEE platform for social innovations in #youth #employment and present our accomplishments.

Event Agenda:

14:00 Opening and introduction. What is Startup Europe (video)

14:15 How to run your startup in BIH - Marko Zeljko (SPARK)

14:30 Support for startups in HNZ canton - Maja Šimić Škutor (Ministry of economy HNZ)

14:45 YOUSEE platform for social innovations in youth employment - Mirela Rajković (YOUSEE / SEEYN)

15:00 Startup incubator in Ljubuškom - Ivan Jelčić (HERAG)

15:15 From Startup to company - Valentina Visković (Eynio)

15:30 SPARK startups: Amplius, Sophico, VRET    

15:50 INTERA startups

16:10  Panel discussion - Why to run your own business? - guests: Ranko Markuš (YEP), Goran Dodig (INTERA), Anita Perić (SZZ HNŽ), Nevzet Sefo (REDAH), Mirela Rajković (YOUSEE), moderator: Marko Zeljko (SPARK)

17:00 Networking

Startup Europe Week is initiative of #EuropeanCommission through which were organized more than 280 events in more than 40 countries all over the Europe.
The Startup Europe week (SEW) wants to enable local governments getting more involved with their local startup ecosystem, giving access and informations to regional and european wide initiatives helping people to build their own startup. The aim of the initiative is to help local entrepreneurs to have a greater impact in their region with help from their local government.

What the SEW wants to accomplish?

- Showcase best initiatives promoted by regions to support entrepreneurs
- Inform the local ecosystem about what already exists to help them now
- Offer consulting (1-on-1) sessions on how to open a company, apply for a grant etc
- Share among regional officers what other regions in Europe are doing and that can be leveraged locally
- Connect regional officers, investors and corporates to create stronger local ecosystems