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The Leadership Handbook was developed to support, inspire, motivate, draw attention to and raise quality of youth work. This Handbook is part of the support system for youth workers, youth leaders, youth educators, youth organizations and institutions who care about the quality of their work with and for young people.

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SEEYN and its partners wanted to provide the concrete tool to build capacities of people working in youth field and are taking important role of leaders in various youth activities and programs of their organizations and beyond.

“Leadership Handbook" is a manual on organizing and leading local and international youth activities with main focus on youth inclusion, active participation of young people and volunteering as tool for youth work. The handbook also covers topics like project and organizational management, communication, visibility and teamwork. This handbook is partially based on previous 2 editions of “SEEYN Workcamp Handbook” that became recognized worldwide over last 10 years.

However, this publication widens the concept of youth leadership and activities where it can be applied, it gives complete package of skills, knowledge and attitudes for youth leaders through range of useful practical examples and valuable theoretical background. It has been developed thanks to many years of SEEYN experience and expertise in youth work, youth leadership and capacity building. With this Handbook, we wanted to contribute to recognition of youth work, high quality of youth activities, efficient youth program management and sustainability of organizational resources and capacities. Why? Because we strongly believe in youth and we know that with the quality support and positive empowerment they can make this world the better place.

This handbook is part of the long-term SEEYN project “Practical Guide Through YOUth Work” with the support of the European Union, within the Erasmus + programme, Key Action 2 (Capacity building in the field of youth).