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-    national and international civil society organizations,
-    networks and umbrella organizations,
-    then public and research institutions,
-    business sector,
-    Medias,
-    Individuals,
-    Aliens

And all other people and entities that share our values and contribute to achievement of our ultimate goal – stability of the region


-    Diversity of ideas, topics and organizations;
-    Regional coverage - 12 countries, 24 member organizations, at least 300 experts and 2400 young people;
-    Rich track record in the field and respectful portfolio;
-    Entrepreneurial attitude and long –term vision approach
-    Quality external partnership alliance in the SEE and EU region;
-    Experienced in multilateral and multidisciplinary projects;
-    Open, serious, trustful but also friendly approach to partnership itself.
-    Positive attitude and respect of our partners;
-    Openness for innovative actions etc.

If you think we can work together and put in practice excellence in our common field of action, than just write and say:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


#SEEYN involves new members through open call, which is based on Network’s Enlargement Strategy. Steering Board maps and contacts potential member organizations with specific profile and from the specific countries (what is also pre-defined by Enlargement Strategy) and offers them membership opportunity. All those organizations have previous experience and collaborative projects with SEEYN and according to history of cooperation we are inviting them to join us as associated member for one year period, while after this period they are in position to apply for full membership.

In #SEEYN we believe that mid-size Networks, as we are now, with strong identity and quality external cooperation component, is more effective in achieving our specific Network’s mission. That’s why our enlargement process is not fast-growing. On the other hand we are open for lateral collaboration with ‘’sister or like-minded” partners.

If there is no open call now, we encourage you to JOIN US as a PARTNER (see above proposal no.1 – as partner) and send one e-mail to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


#SEEYN Secretariat has capacity to engage a limited number of in-house and online volunteers or interns. The number of open long-term volunteer/intern positions are defined by current SEEYN programs and capacities and availabilities of Secretariat staff to provide mentorship to engaged volunteers/interns.

On-line volunteering/internship programs are mostly connected with content creation for our online platforms and social medias and we offer it to those who:
-    Are designers or want to practice and learn about it;
-    Copy writers, journalists or enthusiastic people who like to write about positive examples from SEE region;
-    People who want to inspire others by their examples or words;
-    Animators, comic creators, movie makers and any other creative community member etc.
-    Those who live SEEYN mission in reality;

In-house volunteering/internship happened in office of the SEEYN Secretariat. Program is created on the basis of need for assistance in implementation of current projects/initiatives as well as volunteer’s / intern’s capacities and willingness for contribution in certain area of our work. We would support participation of:
-    Those who truly care about stability of the SEE region;
-    People who are keen to learn about SEE regional cooperation;
-    Those who are open for learning and who perceive it as an structured process, not as an ad hoc activity;
-    Those who live SEEYN mission in reality;

-    Supporting working environment;
-    Attendance at various educational programs,
-    Practice in specific field;
-    Networking opportunity;
-    Allowance for the service (if possible)
-    Certificates and recommendation letters;
-    Opportunity to be engaged in implementation of complex multi-beneficiary projects;
-    Practice in intercultural working setting etc.

*When there is a opportunity for volunteer/intern position, volunteer or intern supervisors will develop detailed volunteer/intern position and SEEYN offer to potential program participants;

If you like what we are doing and you think you can get valuable experience working with us, than just come and say:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

….tell us more about your intentions and motivation to join us as well as how we can support your development.

Don’t forget that #SEEYN VALUE DIVERSITY and that we are equal opportunity Network open for cooperation with all entities and individuals who shares our values and common goals, regardless their race, nation, sex orientation, minority group belonging, abilities, religion or any other status that potentially could bring them in risk of marginalization.