Together for SEE youth...

SEEYN secretariat organized meeting with representatives of regional FES office on 25th of October 2016. We introduced them with previous and current work of SEEYN as well as we discussed about common values we both have in our mission and work.

Two regional long-term projects - YOUSEE platform for social innovations in youth employment and Divided Past - Joint future were discussed among FES and SEEYN in order to find the most appropriate modality for future cooperation cooperation.

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung foundation has diverse measures accompanied the transition process in the SEE region. They are operating inthe frame of 4 propgrams: 1. democracy and civil society, 2. Past and Future, 3. economy and justice, 4. European Union.

We agreed to share information among us as well as to plan some concreat activity that will influence youth as the one of the most vulnerabile group in society.