Unlocking data for effective action - regional baseline research

Policy influence and promotion of policy measures among citizens and other stakeholders responsible for its implementation is in direct correlation with quality research on the ground.

Starting with hypothesis that reconciliation process is not accepted by citizens who are one of the main implementer of this policy as well as decision makers and other stakeholders responsible for societal reconstruction (even if there is declarative will) our intent is to ensure scientific prove that current approach of advocacy could be upgraded or re-build. This activity will also help us to create quality policy foundation on peace and reconciliation in the region of the WB and Turkey, as well to get valuable baseline information that will help us in further work as well as to monitor our progress and evaluate change in the field. This activity will also provide us with opportunity to measure behaviours of different groups, such as public, civil, private sector as well citizens engaged in peace building and reconciliation policy. Findings from this research will also provide us with information to find out possible solutions that will influence better credibility and creation of effective solutions for reducing inter-ethnic distance and radicalization.

Research will be lead by Institute for social research (ISR) and implemented by our country partners ORC Tuzla, Forum MNE, Lens, Beyond Barriers, ToG, ECK, Progress Institute. Research will address 2 main topics – First one is about perception of citizens, public, private and civil sector about peace and reconciliation in WB and Turkey; second one is about perception of the same stakeholder about the role CSOs have in reconciliation process. Research will be printed in 300 copies.

This activity will directly influence quality of the implementation of the group of activities leading to creation of the new advocacy approach for peace and reconciliation as well activities leading to practicing of the newly made approach.